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Turning your project into a success Story



Savoir-Faire Consulting relies on world-class consultants to help you make the right decision. We have experience in organizational structure, economic and social valuation, strategy development and much more.

Did you know that 40 % of project failure is attributed to changes in organization’s priorities (Source: Pulse of the Profession, PMI, 2015). Project managers, directors and leaders too often get distracted with daily operations and lose sight of what their long term objectives are.

Our business approach is to keep you focus on your long terms goals and make sure you get your priorities straight.


The typical EPC model delivered on a reimbursable cost basis has reached its limits. Worse, the model is blamed for the exorbitant costs escalation the industry has been facing for the last decades. This model is finished. Some companies and institutions have introduced new models; early supplier commitment, PEpC, EPFC, extreme modularization, etc. but none has proved to be any better than the traditional EPC model.

At Savoir-Faire Consulting, we believe that every project is different and every project deserves a unique delivery strategy.

We build on decades of project delivery experience, state of the art assessment, and your organization strengths and constraints to define, with you, the best execution strategies for your project, portfolio or program.


Savoir-Faire Consulting provides experts to support or complement your project management team. Whenever you need a one-time strong negotiator to settle a claim or develop a mentoring program to improve the bottom lines on your projects, we can provide you with the right support to achieve your goals.

Our approach is to work with you in:

  1. Assessing the goal you want to achieve.
  2. Identifying the key influencing factors.
  3. Developing a plan with you, tailored to your organization.
  4. Implementing with you OR supporting the implantation by you. 


Savoir-Faire Consulting provides the Oil&Gas, Mining and Water industry with world scale project sponsorship through:
  1. Project Coaching and Mentoring to Project Directors, Project Managers, and Project Engineers.
  2. Conducting Value Assurance review to assess the maturity of your project and its readiness to move to the next phase.
  3. Stepping into your project in depredation to act with authority at recovering your project and putting it back on track.